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Nepal Pigeon Keeper's Association first official meeting was held at Bafal, Kathmandu at Mr. Mohan Krishna Shrestha's residence on 23rd June 2000 and the meeting decided to form one executive board. After several meetings, the group formed its first board member.

Founder Board Members 2000

President Secretary Treasurer
Kishor Sigdel. Mohan K. Shrestha. Jitendra R. Bajracharya.

With the help of all 49 pigeon keepersí mutual effort this founder executive board was able to organize the First Nepal Pigeon Flying Tournament, which was held on from 21st to 24th October 2000. This tournament became interesting event not just for pigeon keepers but also for wider public and almost all national print and electronic news media covered the event with high preference. This huge media coverage played a big role in making this event highly successful. There were 14 participants in the tournament.

Now the association has more than a hundred fifty members and number is growing day by day. Nepal Pigeon Keeper's Association is also officially recognized by Government of Nepal. Now It has elected Executive Board Member.

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